The book was compelling and had an easy flow. -LS

   The description of the landscape made me feel like I had been there before. -CJ

James Weatherill served as an Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam from November 1967 to November 1968. His memoir, The Blades Carry Me: Inside the Helicopter War in Vietnam, takes the reader into the CH-47 Chinook helicopter cockpit and the daily life of a 22-year-old pilot.

The young man must reconcile his ideals of patriotism, courage, and honor with the reality and politics of a war where victory is measured by body-count ratios instead of territory gained or lost. When it’s time to go home, he realizes he’ll leave more than war behind.

On the home front, the pilot’s wife, Annie, provides a counterpoint as a pregnant college senior and military spouse during a controversial war. With letters and tape recordings their sole means of communication, how will they grow up without growing apart?

Corpus Christi, Texas

   This fabulous novel is a treasure that combines a love story with intrigue, drama, hope, and more. Weatherill freezes time in the Northwest United States and presents a story where many paths cross, including main characters Turner and Robin.
   The book will magically come to life in the reader’s mind as the author masterfully describes each person, setting, and event. The author’s rich use of historical context adds a dimension that most novels lack and his research lends accuracy to the setting, the geographic area, and to logging.
   His writing style is extremely engaging and within a few pages the reader will be hooked and not want to put down the book. It can be a fast and enjoyable read or the reader can savor every page, every description, every event, and every stage of the budding relationship between Turner and Robin from the first moment that their paths cross. But a host of other unique characters cross their paths, some supportive and others intent on creating harm.
This is a must read for young and old alike. -BR

   The Blades Carry Me includes much combat; officers ranging from superb to despicable; fear, tears, and nightmares; honor, courage, and heroism. The dialogue is crisp, raw, credible; the men with whom Weatherill served, so utterly human.Jan W. Steenblik, Technical Editor, and reprinted by permission of Air Line Pilot, Air Line Pilots Association, International.

WxillWords Press

   ​​​THE BLADES CARRY ME  is a unique contribution to the great body of Vietnam War literature. I especially recommend it to anyone curious about the human beings who fought the war, because in this book one experiences the entire spectrum of human personality. - ​Robbie Grayson III, Traitmarker Founder/CEO


   I would recommend this book to any family who has sent their loved one into battle. –HF

​   James and Anne Weatherill have written a book that is unique when it comes to memoirs of the Vietnam War. James’ narrative details finding his way from a FNG to an experienced AC other pilots and crewmen volunteered to fly with during their many intense and dangerous missions. Anne’s narrative presents a military wife’s viewpoint, including a multitude of daily challenges as well as their hopes and fears for the men who went to war. This is a well written and engaging reading experience and I highly recommend it. Reviewed by John Penny for the VHPA Aviator, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association.

   A book that pulls you in and doesn't let go until the last page. –S

​​Love, Heroism, Intrigue, Revenge, Heartbreak, Betrayal … and a Faithful Dog

It’s 1973, a time without cell phones, Internet, or microwave ovens. The Vietnam War shuts down, and young veterans come home carrying a personal war inside.

The story takes place in a small logging town nestled in the foothills of a vast mountain forest in the Pacific Northwest. A Vietnam veteran pilot arrives for a short-term assignment hauling logs by helicopter. In the cockpit, the man seeks refuge from his homeland’s hostility and his own nightmares.

He crosses paths and falls in love with a local woman, an assault survivor. They come face-to-face with her past when her assailant tracks her down and comes for them both. As each one’s past threatens their relationship, do they dare to dream of a future together?